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Our Policies

At M&R we have a certain policies which we implement to ensure that our customers receive a service which is both practical & moral.





A key aim of our service is to ensure that our customers receive as much information as possible to ensure that their individual aquarium is kept to high standard. We are always prepared to share our knowledge of chemistry, livestock & filtration systems no matter how complex or simple your system may be.





A frequently asked question in M&R is "I saw a fish in another shop & you don't ever seem to sell them, why?"


Often the answer is because it is immoral to keep or sell on the grounds that it is either...


1. Impossible to keep.


2. It grows too large.


3. It has been inhumanely collected.


4. It has been dyed or coloured.



If there is any item of stock which you don't see for sale it may be possible to source it for you. If in doubt about a species then please ask.



Where possible we try to give a much time as possible to each individual customer as possible, particularly if a complex question is asked.


Regular customers appreciate how difficult this can be in a busy shop! However, if you arrive at one of our really busy periods then we will deal with you as fast as possible.





Where possible we try to cater for everyone. For example, due to the shop being on two levels with no lift acess, customers unable to use the stairs can still view the available stock by requesting one of our members of staff to take a video or photograph of the requested item. 


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