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While a marine aquarium does take patience and commitment, it's a lot easier than you might think!

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A while ago I ordered a pond clear product and then took ill so I was not able to collect it. Today, several weeks later, i found they had still kept it for me. - That's service and loyalty.

I have had nothing but good advice form M&R (Dogfish). I used to have a lot of tropical fish (7 tanks) and bred them. I sold the babies back to the shop in exchange for fish food and other sundries, and always had a good relationship with them.

When I decided to concentrate on an outside pond they bought back my tropical fish and gave me pond fish food in exchange, which can be very expensive.

They also took baby orfe from me and gave me fish food in exchange.

Now I have uniquely Golden Rudd who survive very well in our climate and in almost any water condition. I get good advice on water treatment and they undercut the other nearby fish shop in fish food prices.

Give them loyalty and it is returned 110%. I love the shop and the staff, and would not go elsewhere. Especially the 'Old Man' - He knows what he is talking about and will give you good advice.

George S.


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Tropical Tanks

Tropical fish provide an opportunity for you to bring your own piece of nature indoors.

I used to have marine tank 23 years ago and got most of my stock from M&R. Alas i had to give the tank up as we were moving house. Now 23 years later my wife and I decided to set up a marine/reef tank again got out all my old books to refresh my memory then set off up to Glasgow to M&R.


Started talking to the owner Jim who recognised us from all that time ago. Now Jamie, Jim's son, is helping us set up our new tank. These guys are a wealth of knowledge and so helpful.


Jim tells us they are installing more marine tanks shortly so by the time my tank has conditioned we will be ready to by our fish and invertebrates from the new tanks! Thanks for all your help guys.

George F.


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A silly silly friend of ours got us a couple of goldfish as a flatwarming present. Fastforward a couple of hours and already one is floating about on its side.

We decided to go to this speciality fish shop near Stu's work to see what we could do about the other fish, who seems to be anorexic. The guy in the shop just couldn't help enough - he was full of information. 

And never mind the information, or the fish food, this shop is so interesting just to look at the fish. Upstairs are the more common varieties downstairs is where the tropical fish live. We spent ages just looking at the different varieties, none of which I could name. It was fascinating nonetheless, and such a friendly place, considering we had only spent 95p!

Liz K.


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